Monday, May 25, 2015

Battle of Los Angeles – 1942

It is usually believed that the military is actually involved in cover-ups on UFO cases. However there are very few cases of UFO encounters which involve military and have actual evidence or photographic proof in general public. One such case is the world famous UFO encounter in Los Angeles on February 25, 1942 in the early morning, where a giant UFO was hovering over the city and was witnessed by hundreds of observers.

A huge (800 feet) unidentified object under military spotlights

Japanese planes had bombed Pearl Harbor so heavily just 79 days ago that the whole country was in fear of an unexpected attack. On February 23, 1942, a Japanese submarine shelled the Ellwood oil fields near Goleta, Santa Barbara, California. Due to hostile movement of the Japanese submarine, the Military was on high alert expecting an invasion. The crews were asked to look for anything unusual. The military had a well designed alert system, and were searching the skies in matter of minutes.

This is possibly the design of the alien craft sighted on February 25, 1942

In the morning of February 25, 1942 air raid sirens started sounding throughout Los Angeles County after a strange object was sighted near Culver City and Santa Monica. The object was of unknown origin, huge (about 800 feet) and possibly had protective stealth devices on. It emerged out of the night sky dropping at a steep angle over the Pacific Ocean curving south to east towards Los Angeles, travelling at lightening fast speed just above the surface of the water barely skimming it. The object most likely became aware of the electronic surveillance by the Military some 120 miles west of Los Angeles and responded by retracting its entry by reducing its speed to a bare minimum at 50 miles away. It then turned inland near Point Dume.

Location of the unidentified object where anti-aircraft guns fired up

Since the unidentified object disappeared behind the mountains along the west coast in the same area of the attacked oil refinery, the antiaircraft batteries were ordered to be on green alert - “ready to fire”. At 2:15 am, the whole warning system came into operation and a total blackout was ordered at 2:21 am, which effected all of southern California, including Los Angeles to Mexican border. The 37th Coast Artillery Brigade immediately came into action and lighted gigantic spotlights towards the hovering craft. The anti-aircraft units went crazy and started heavy firing at 3:16 am with .50 caliber machine guns and 12.8 pound anti-aircraft shells into the air at the reported craft from Santa Monica to Culver City. They were determined to bring down the craft and within one hour, until 4:14 am, they had fired 1400 shells directly at the strange craft. However, the giant craft took hits after hits but still escaped totally unharmed, completely damage free.

Battle of Los Angeles - 1942 - Newspaper Report

It moved silently, passing directly over MGM studios in Culver City where an extremely good photograph of the craft was taken, which later became a classic in Ufology. The craft soon proceeded towards Long Beach, and finally went out of sight and disappeared south of Signal Hills oil field. The blackout was finally lifted at 7:21 am.

The air raid and heavy shelling was witnessed by thousands of civilians, in which eight causalities were reported. Five people were accidentally killed from falling shrapnel (shell fragments) while three others collapsed due to heart attack. Several buildings and vehicles were also damaged. Most of the eyewitness described the object as a strange magic lantern hanging in the sky. Some air raid wardens testified that the object was pale orange in color, huge, and hardly moved at all. It was magnificent, exotic and had a gorgeous color.

This incident affected the thoughts of President Ronald Reagan which became clear when he warned the citizens of a “possible alien attack from the outside world”.