Monday, July 21, 2014

Ghosts of The Langham Hotel, London HAUNTING English Cricketers

The English cricketers residing in The Langham Hotel in London during the Investec Test Series 2014 between Indian and England are experiencing an unusual bizarre phenomenon. On July 20, 2014, several English cricketers have requested to change their rooms after they encountered freakish incidents in the haunted hotel. After complaints of mysterious happenings in the hotel at night, even the wives and girlfriends of the players refused to stay in the hotel. England’s poor performance might even be related to the mental stress created by the presence of the ghosts in their hotel.

Stuart Broad with his girlfriend Bealey Mitchell

England fast bowler Stuart Broad complained that his room was hot and uncomfortable. He was not able to get a sound sleep. The taps in the bathroom suddenly came on in the midnight. When he switched on the lights, the taps themselves turned off. It was strange to notice the taps come on again after the lights were switched off. Broad freaked and requested to change the room. His girlfriend Bealey Mitchell, who works as a lingerie model and Zumba (a dance fitness program) instructor was also terrified.

The Langham Hotel in London

Broad recalled that he had also experienced spooky feelings during the Sri Lanka Test series last month in the same hotel. One night, during the series, he woke up in the middle of the night around 1:30 AM and was convinced of a supernatural presence in his room. He also informed about Ben Stokes who has also spent sleepless nights in his room on the third floor, which is the most disturbed floor in the hotel.

The Langham Hotel in London

Club Room in The Langham Hotel in London

All good places have ghosts, and the Langham is no exception. The Langham Hotel in England was built in 1865. It is one of the leading hotels in the world with enticing history. Over the last 170 years, at least five ghosts make regular appearances in this hotel. It is reported as one of the most haunted hotels in the world and is rumored to have seven different ghosts occupying the property:
  1. A doctor who not only murdered his wife but also committed suicide on their honeymoon, manifests as a silver-haired Victorian gentleman with cloak and cravat. He was first spotted in 1973 by the BBC announcer James Alexander Gordon while he slept in Room No. 333. All of a sudden, Gordon awoke in the night to see a fluorescent sphere which eased itself into a manly shape wearing Victorian evening wear. When Gordon asked the identity of the apparition, it began to float towards him, with its legs cut off some two feet below the ground, arms extended, and eyes staring in destitute. Gordon was so scared that he jumped off his bed and fled. When Gordon returned to the room with night caretaker they found that the ghostly figure was leaning over the bed where he had just been sleeping. He is known to be sighted only in October and is one of the active spirits.
  2. A German prince who jumped out of a fourth-floor window, is often sighted in the early morning hours walking through doors. He is rated as the most active ghost at the Langham, with a particular preference for Room 333. Late Ray Moore (BBC announcer) described him as “beefy, with cropped hair, sporting a military-style jacket that buttoned up to the neck.”
  3. A man with a gaping wound on his face, who tends to stick to the hallways.
  4. Emperor Napoleon III, who lived at the Langham during his last days in exile. He now likes the basement.
  5. A ghost who has a nick of tipping guests out of bed while they are sleeping. The apparition once shook the bed in Room 333 with such liveliness that the dweller fled the hotel in the middle of the night.
  6. A butler sighted wandering the corridors in his holey socks.
  7. A footman (attendants who ran beside or behind the carriages of aristocrats) in pale blue livery and powdered wig. He was spotted by a BBC staff. His presence is often accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature.
The Langham Hotel in London is one of the most haunted hotels in the world

The Langham is the place where you can mix Halloween with luxury.

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