Thursday, August 22, 2013

Myths / Legends of Dow Hill

Dow Hill School in Kurseong
Kurseong is one of the most haunted places in India. The cold, damp and dark forests here create a creepy environment. Frequent murders in the mysterious woods of Dow Hill have created an eerie feeling in the atmosphere. The mystery of the Victoria Boys Hostel and the Dow Hill still puzzles the human mind. Lots of paranormal activity has been recorded especially in and around the corridors of the school and the woods.

The peek of the Sun - Dow Hill

Dow Hill

Damp environment of the Dow Hill

Dow Hill Road
Innumerable murders and mysterious activities have been reported near the dark, damp, weird and haunted forests. While returning home from their daily work, woodcutters claim that they have seen a young “headless” boy walking around on the road for some distance between the Dow Hill Road and the Forest Office, and then eventually disappear in the woods. People believe that anybody who has seen the apparition gets haunted by it even in their dreams.

Dow Hill

Dow Hill School

A rare photo of Victoria Boys School

Natives claim to hear footsteps in the corridors of Victoria Boys School especially in the months of December to March, when the school is closed for vacations. However, no footmarks (neither of humans nor of animals) have ever been found in the suspected area.

Dow Hill School

Many people feel depressed and become restless and uncanny. The feeling of misery is so intense that it has led to several suicides in this area. However, no evidence of paranormal activity has yet been found. Most people believe that the legend is true, but some believe that these are just rumors.

Dow Hill School Kurseong

Dow Hill Kurseong - An Investigation by PRS, India

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