Sunday, August 18, 2013

Myths / Legends of Dumas Beach

Even though the Dumas Beach is one of the major tourist destinations in Gujrat, it is still considered one of the most haunted places in India. Most probably, it is the only beach of its kind. Paranormal activities have been reported around this scenic beauty with a great consistency, especially by the tourists, who claim to experience some strange, frightening phenomenon. The fierce winds at the beach are full of strange and hushed whispers in the silent and creepy nights. There are many legends about spirits around this spooky tourist attraction.

The haunted Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach deserted at night

There is a crematory near the Dumas Beach. Traditionally, the Hindus burn their dead in the crematory. The area around the crematory has been experiencing paranormal activities for quite a long time. Rumors of hearing bizarre whispers at nights in the vicinity of the ocean, warning people to stay away from the beach is quite common. The strong chilling wind warns people from going forward and advices them to go back. It seems that the chilling wind is full of spirits and supernatural elements. Some tourists have disappeared as reported, while walking on the beach at night.

Mysterious Dumas Beach

Marshy area in Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach in GujratDogs are well-known to have the capability to sense supernatural activity quicker and to an advanced level than humans can. A dog’s sense of smell is approximately 100,000 times better than that of a human. It can smell fear as well as a week old fingerprints of an individual. It can smell electricity, and can detect certain types of cancer with an accuracy rate of 88-97%. The fact that dogs can sense electromagnetic field is quite interesting.

The local population around the Dumas Beach acknowledge a bizarre behavior and howling and crying of dogs around the beach. The dogs bark recklessly the whole night running from one direction to the other. The dogs have chased many people around the beach at night, but the inhabitants tell that they run away from something else – some unknown entity!

Tourists at the Dumas Beach

Sunset at Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach in Surat, Gujrat

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