Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujrat

Dumas Beach, famous for its black sand is located along the Arabian Sea, 21 km South West of Surat in Gujarat. It is a popular tourist spot not only among the natives, but also among all those who visit the diamond city. It is one of the most famous and finest places in Surat. Being a fabulous beach, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Gujarat. It is a charismatic and marvelous place to relax in the cool breeze of the Arabian Sea. The scenic beauty of the Dumas fills the tourists with joy and happiness. The beauty of the Dumas and an amazing view of the Arabian Sea attract countless tourists as well as local population to visit the beach. The delicious cuisine around the beach increases the flavor of the tour.

Google Map of Dumas Beach

Entrance Gate of Dumas Beach

Dariya Ganesha Temple at Dumas Beach
Dumas beach is also popular for its health resorts which are located in the South East of Surat. The Dariya Ganesha temple adjacent to the main beach is a small temple, but creates a lot of interest. There are countless shops selling snacks like Bhajiya, Pav-Bhaji, Sweet Corn roasted on charcoal, American Maize (Corn), Pani Puri, Lashkari Tomato Bhajiya, etc, in the promenade (a public area set aside as a pedestrian walk). Indian and Chinese food is also available in restaurants, while the restrooms are available near Morarji Desai Circle.
Dariya Ganesha Temple at High Tide in Dumas Beach

Tourists enjoying the evening in Dumas Beach

Sunset at Dumas Beach

The perfect time to visit this bright, fascinating and gleaming sandy beach is either in the months of Monsoon or October to March in which the sandy shore of the Arabian Sea remains cool and pleasant and breezy. Many health resorts around the Dumas Beach offer affordable accommodation to the tourists.

Dumas Resort at Dumas Beach

Black colored sand of Dumas Beach

The sand on the Dumas Beach is black in color, and the water is quite muddy and black – matching the color of the sand. Instead of greenery, as is commonly found around the sea beaches, thorny wild shrubs grow around the Dumas Beach. Often, the sea water is few hundred meters away from the sandy beach, with a marshy area in between, and you may not get an opportunity to get your legs wet.

Marshy area in Dumas Beach

An Evening in Dumas Beach

The Dumas Beach in Surat, Gujrat is considered haunted and is placed at 3rd position in the list of ten most haunted places in India.


  1. Fake Story. Dumas is not Haunted at all. Check out this article for proof: